The Healing Power of Foods

Ellie PERFECTLY stated why we need to go back to eating the foods God gave us!! Think about this fact: since we started drinking colas and eating fast food, diabetes has increased 300% among ADULTS. I can’t even think about how it’s affecting children because it’s beyond depressing!

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 Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually.” (3 John 2)

God placed Adam in a Garden for a reason – remember He is smarter than we are, (although some diet gurus feel otherwise when presenting their complicated weight loss programs.)

th[6]Everything that heals seems to have its foundation in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs:

Brussels sprouts, Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower are cruciferous vegetables contain isothiocyanates, a fifty cent word which defends us against cancers, especially colon cancer. These vegetables contain protective chemicals; indoles and detoxifying enzymes which prevent cell damage. (anti-aging secrets?) Cabbage has been known to heal ulcers.

These are all our dieting friends, being low in calories and high in fiber. They attract and escort fats out of your system quickly and are high in cancer fighting nutrient boosting phytonutrients.  They also destroy cancer cells…

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17 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I love breakfast, but my favorite meals can be a little too time-intensive. I can’t wait to try these recipes, especially the cereal, and put my own spin on them. Food is an adventure 🙂

The Food Life

17 Quick and Healthy Breakfast recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and sometimes it can be hard fitting it into your morning. Try these easy breakfast ideas and ensure your body gets the the nutrients it requires to start the day.

Breakfast Ideas

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I’ve been scared to try tofu… Is it best to marinate it beforehand?

Big Jew on a Diet

Tofun: n. Fun with tofu

So this week has been all about tofu – hear me out guys, it’s a wonderful ingredient. Half a cup of tofu contains only 100 calories, compared to about 350 calories for the same amount of ground beef – you do the math. That said, I’m pretty sure I ended up eating about 5x the amount of tofu than I would have if I was eating meat because it’s basically like eating air because it’s so damn delicious!

Here is a picture of my now famous tofun asian stir fry.


It looks like shit I know, but it was actually delicious. All you do is take extra-firm tofu, drain it for 10 minutes and add it to a stir fry 5 minutes before the vegetables are done cooking. Make sure to add water chestnuts for some calorie-free texture. Overall calories, depending on the sauce, is about…

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The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, should be admired by women around the globe because she KNEW that she was a beautiful woman and would never let any man demean her.

This blog is dedicated to dissecting and disseminating the crème de la crème of the goddess-related information out there. I’ll cover things like nutrition, exercise, sex, skin care, makeup and any other topics y’all are interested in.