Adonia Organics’ Brow Revive and Lash Alive

Brow Revive and Lash Alive are two UNBELIEVABLE serums that undo the all-too common faux-pas of waxing your eyebrows way too thin and wearing mascaras that dry out your eyelashes and cause them to fall out.


About two years ago, I regularly went to my favorite nail salon to get my eyebrows waxed and I thought they looked amazing. Then I couldn’t get them done as often and I realized that I had totally jacked my face up by making my eyebrows pencil thin. Here’s what my eyebrows looked like in January 2013:

Eyebrows before

And this is what they look like as of January 22, 2014 (I’ll post an updated picture when I get my brows properly shaped ):

Eyebrows after

When it comes to mascara, I’ve never been one to wear it too often because I had barely any eyelashes. New reports that traditional mascaras can actually impede your efforts to regrow your eyelashes make me not want to mascara ever! But, I digress. Here’s how few eyelashes I had, again, back in January 2013:

Eyelashes before

These are my eyelashes one year later:

Eyelashes after

You can see how much thicker and and fuller they are! Whenever, I look at the before shot, I flash back to how often I’d get all sorts of crap in my eyes. Now, the only issue I have is whenever my eyelashes are at the end of their natural growth cycle and start to fall out randomly.

I have to warn you that your eyebrows and eyelashes may not respond as well to the serums as mine did, but since they are 100% ORGANIC, I highly recommend that you give them a try!!

Let me know what you think about my results and fill me in on what kind of results you get when you start using Brow Revive and Lash Alive.

My Makeup Evolution

makeup pile

With so many different brands and types of makeup that are available, it’s very easy to become intimidated and dismiss makeup as a false construct that exists only to help men objectify all of us, but it’s actually one of our best friends in the quest to embrace, develop and maintain our Aphrodite Attitudes! Think about it for a second… Aphrodite would NEVER allow the crazy stuff that’s in our air like car exhaust, pollen and dust near her face, so why should we?! Thankfully, more and more women are adopting that mentality.

I don’t know about you, but I could watch QVC for hours, especially when they are spotlighting Bare Escentuals, Mally Beauty, Josie Maran or Laura Geller. These brands blended my long-time passion for great skin care with my new love of makeup. Josie Maran, for example, is known for having high quality argan oil infused into all of her cosmetics.

Bare Escentuals has been my preferred makeup for about five years now and I thinks it’s a great brand to start with if you are just starting to play with makeup. The minerals are very pigment rich so less is definitely more! A second reason Bare Escentuals is perfect for makeup novice is that many of their kits come with instructional DVDs that will teach you the basics and help you master classic trends like the smoky eye. As much as I am in love with Bare Escentuals, I’m ready to branch out and try other brands.

Adonia Organics

Adonia Organics

Organic skin care is my newest obsession! These products feel like silk and they have never turned my skin into sand paper 🙂

My favorite organic skin care line is Adonia Organics. Adonia is on the forefront of using the incredible anti-aging properties of organic essential oils to help women look more like the women in Greek mythology who had impeccable eyebrows, eyelashes, plump/dewy skin, and so on. Not only that, Adonia has several fabulous products that will reverse common beauty faux-pas like over-waxing your eyebrows or help women grow fuller and thicker eyelashes. It’s a little bit more expensive side, but it’s worth its weight in platinum because it has no synthetic ingredients whatsoever!