Healthy is the new Black

I can’t believe there was a Kickstarter campaign for “Anti-Thigh-Gap” jeans; all I can say is HALLELUJAH!!!

This video gives me confidence that the lunatics who still push the very unhealthy Kate Moss definition of beauty are FINALLY fading into obscurity!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate people who have a naturally small frame like Kate Moss or Keira Knightly. With that said, I’m fed up with that cookie-cutter stereotype still existing. Mindy Kaling is a great example!

Look at these Elle covers:
Granted, this happened in March, but it shouldn’t be happening at all!

I’m so excited to help women be mad scientists; I’ll give them as many tools to help them be successful in their life-long experiments with food, exercise routines, menus (I’m officially banning the word diet because it says “die” for crying out loud!!! — menu is intended to reveal your “New Me!”), makeup and fashion that will solidify their Aphrodite Attitudes!

Much Love!

My Aphrodite Attitude Adventure

Last night I was debating what I should write about in my next post: I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write about makeup or food. Then I saw this in my Facebook news feed:


I really connected with this quote and I realized that I had to be willing to expose more of my struggle if I truly expect to connect with anyone else.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve HATED every picture of myself. The running joke with my friends in.high school and college was that if you wanted a broken camera, let me catch you taking a picture of me. Everyone knew I’d never actually break their camera, but I got scolded many times for untagging myself in pictures on Facebook. Even now I’m rambling to prevent you from seeing me…. Here it goes — this is the most current picture I have of myself:


Me in July 2014

There’s so many flaws I’m cringing at right now, but I want to turn over a new leaf and proudly put my health journey out there for the world to see.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, weight is not the end-all, be-all in my definition of healthy, but it’s also not something you should completely ignore.

So, rather than get into nitty gritty details I know I can become absurdly obsessed with, I want to share with y’all the different things I’m doing in my life to solidify my own Aphrodite Attitude: whether it’s in the kitchen, my home gym or in fashion.

I will end with a positive reflection on myself: I see the beginnings of a beautifully curvy, yet healthy woman.

Expose Your Exquisite Eyes Part 1

In my last post, I explained why makeup is not the burden most women make it out to be. Yes, it helps us bring out our best features so that we can be more attractive to potential mates, but we should really use it to protect and preserve our natural beauty.

Our faces are analogous to a business card, and our eyes are the business’ logo. Think about Nike for a split second… what comes to mind? I know, I know. Dumb question because everybody knows about the Nike Swoosh. We should treat our eyes like Nike treats it’s Swoosh. Nike would NEVER let anyone steal or tarnish that logo, so why are we so willing to dismiss our eyes as ordinary.

Remember that old adage: “The eyes are the window to the soul?” Anyone who hesitates to agree that that statement is most apropos is quite frankly kidding themselves. Every woman I’ve ever met has gorgeous eyes and we should do whatever we can to highlight them. In this post, I want to share with you the first of three secrets to ensuring that your eyes are always exquisitely exhibited. Step #1 is to pay special attention to our eyebrows.

Our eyebrows are important because they frame our eyes – they should be thick and properly shaped. Whenever I see a picture of Marlene Dietrich, I cringe a little – not because she is ugly (she is absolutely GORGEOUS – but because she aged herself unnecessarily. Look at a picture of her in her prime:

Marlene Dietrich

How old would you guess she is here? When I first saw this picture, I thought she was in her late 40s, but she was actually in her 20s!!

Now, look at this picture of Sofia Vergara:

Sofia Vergara

How old would you guess she is? She will be 42 this year!!

Unfortunately for Marlene, she lived in an era before Adonia Organics from Greek Island Labs. Adonia Organics is a fabulous company that specializes in creating various organic serums that will undo the many faux-pas we commit over the years. Marlene would have benefited tremendously from their Brow Revive serum (pictured below).


Brow Revive was formulated using only the purest natural botanicals and plant extracts, also used by the ancient Greeks, to encourage over-plucked, overly-waxed eyebrows to grow back thicker and fuller. This serum sells for $99, but it lasts for about nine months, depending on how often you use it. Adonia recommends applying the serum on your brows in the morning and just before you go to sleep for the first 21 days, minimum; depending on how comfortable you are with your results, you can reduce the frequency to three days a week.

I know all about having eyebrows that are way too thin from waxing and tweezing more often than you should. Back in February 2013, I bought a tube of Brow Revive (out of sheer desperation and I really didn’t expect any results – I guess I was protecting myself from disappointment!). After using the serum as recommended for about five weeks, my self-esteem sky rocketed!! I used the serum twice a day for those first five weeks; after that I used it twice a week. Here are my eyebrows circa January 2013 – I am still in shock about how thin they are.

my old eyebrowsIt took me a good eight months to see the results I wanted, but I’m so happy I stuck it out because this is what my eyebrows look like now:

My REVIVED Eyebrows

In my next post, I want to share with you the second secret to expose your exquisite eyes — by reinvigorating your eyelashes naturally.

Flaunt Your Beautiful Face!!

In my last post, I discussed how Kim Kardashian is a fantastic ambassador for Aphrodite Attitude because:

1. She KNOWS that she is a beautiful woman and

2. She ALWAYS accentuates her her incredibly beautiful face.

However, if you think about Kim’s rise to fame, you’d see how the mainstream media wants us to feel about ourselves. When Kim first came onto the scene, as Paris Hilton’s friend, everyone buzzed about the curvy girl with a beautiful face and scrambled to find out who she was. They fawned incessantly over her striking, exotic facial features, as if she had won some genetic lottery.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The mainstream media WANTS us to perpetuate their myth that woman has to win some sort of genetic lottery to be touted as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Think about the last time you saw a countdown for Maxim’s annual “Hot 100” list – as you get closer to the top of the list, the commentary becomes increasingly hyperbolic.

Need proof of this? Look at these two photos and tell me what you see.

Kim Kardashian Head shot

NEED to FLAUNT this!!

Can you see what the common denominator is? If you nearly identical bone structures, you’re very smart and intuitive, which is a great quality to have if you want to embrace, develop and maintain your new Aphrodite Attitude.

The truth is that Mother Nature, however, determined that ALL WOMEN are equally beautiful; as evidenced by the women in the above photos. And since Mother Nature blessed us with intrinsic beauty, we should do everything we can to preserve it and the best way to do that is with makeup.

One of the biggest “burdens” most women complain about is the pressure to wear makeup because we have to look good for men (I believed this wholeheartedly!); however, contrary to popular belief, that is NOT the primary reason we should wear it.

One day I was watching QVC and Leslie Blodgett, the founder and CEO of Bare Escentuals explained that makeup, be it liquid, pressed powder, but especially mineral, serves as a shield from all of the nasty things in our environment. Every day when we walk outside the house, we expose ourselves to the sun, pollen, car exhaust, smog, etc. and when we wear makeup, we can walk around with confidence knowing that, not only are we accentuating our natural beauty, but that when we return home at night we will wash all of those awful irritants off of our faces and preserve our natural beauty.

I’ve been a huge fan of bareMinerals foundation for almost 10 years. Bare Escentuals is very different than the majority of cosmetics companies on the market; all of the products her company offers is all natural, from foundation to blushes to shadows, is made from all natural materials.

What I really love about Bare Escentuals, besides their dedication to bringing us high-quality mineral makeup, is their willingness to take as much time as is necessary to develop a breadth and depth of formulations. Here, I’ll give you a few videos about the foundations that they have made available to us.

This video sums up the key pieces of their breakthrough foundation:

In this video, you’re introduced to their READY Foundation. This is the pressed version of their incredible mineral powder formulation. I adore that they didn’t cave in to mounting pressure to just turn out a mediocre pressed powder — not only did they come up with the pressed form, they designed a unique brush to make applying it as easy and flawless as possible.

Earlier this month on QVC, bareMinerals finally revealed a liquid version of the mineral foundation. I’ve seen so many snarky comments about how it apparently so easy to make a high-quality liquid version of their foundation. I believe they will have the last laugh because they found a way to combine a moisturizing skin serum with the minerals to give the women who have wanted to switch a reason to finally try the bareMinerals difference. One last point is that Leslie and her team have made the point that they are not trying to get their existing customers to switch from their favorite formula. If they love the loose minerals or the pressed powder, they’re ENCOURAGED to stick with it.

This final video walks you through two things: 1. their revolutionary new brush that will give you the coverage you want with minimal product (sticking with their philosophy that makeup shouldn’t feel or be cakey and that less is more!), and 2. how to  properly prepare, dispense and apply this new formulation.

I’d love to know what y’all think about Bare Escentuals/bareMinerals!! Are you interested in trying it? Are you a long-time fan, like me? Do you have any special tips and tricks you’d like to share?

In my next post, I want to give you another glimpse into my favorite makeup brand, Bare Escentuals with their absolutely fabulous Lash Domination mascara. I’ll also introduce you to Adonia Organics and their incredible lash and brow regrowth serums that are formulated to help us frame our best feature (our eyes!!) with beautifully full eyebrows and eyelashes.

Act Like You BELONG on the Cover of Vogue

In my last post, I highlighted why I love Jessica Simpson. She embodies a fully developed Aphrodite Attitude because she is secure in her beauty and isn’t willing to hear anyone tear her down for trivial things – particularly a 10-pound weight gain (like at the beginning of a pregnancy)!

Believe it or not, I think Kim Kardashian is an even better ambassador to the Aphrodite Attitude concept!!

This is how we first met Kim. She is an undeniably beautiful woman, she KNOWS it and she ALWAYS ACCENTUATES her assets.

This is how we first met Kim. She is an undeniably beautiful woman, she KNOWS it and she ALWAYS ACCENTUATES her assets.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the scuttlebutt surrounding the most recent cover of Vogue featuring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Frankly, I’m a tad bewildered at why the issue is causing as much controversy as it is; I completely understand that people are on Kardashian overload because of all their past hijinks and histrionics, but we’re missing the point. Anna Wintour would NEVER even consider placing someone on the cover of Vogue if they weren’t able to sell magazines. Unfortunately, her standards are somewhat unrealistic because of Vogue’s intrinsic relationship with the fashion industry.


Media overload or great Aphrodite Attitude??

Media overload or great Aphrodite Attitude??

However, you have to admit that despite all of the kerfuffle that the Kardashians create, Kim is INSANELY GORGEOUS and could have had a career riving Gisele or Heidi or Tyra or Naomi (if the industry’s standards were more realistic)! And that is the lesson we need to keep in the front of our minds.

Kim is another celebrity who fully embraces her Aphrodite Attitude — she knows what her assets are and she has absolutely no qualms about being able to flaunt them. Look at these pictures of her throughout the years.

Kim had an incredibly beautiful body from the moment she first came on the scene.

Kim had an incredibly beautiful body from the moment she first came on the scene.

Even more gorgeous with the glow of impending motherhood!

Kim is even more gorgeous with the glow of impending motherhood!


Shortly after giving birth to North, she exudes that sexy confidence she's always had.

Shortly after giving birth to North, she exudes that sexy confidence she’s always had.

Kim started a firestorm when she posted this on Instagram -- but why shouldn't she flaunt having a body like that after having a baby??

Kim started a firestorm when she posted this on Instagram — but why shouldn’t she flaunt having a body like that after having a baby??

Here's some amazing (and fully clothed!!) shots of Kim after North

Here’s some amazing (and fully clothed!!) shots of Kim after North

Taking a cue from Kim, in the next few posts I want to delve into how we can accentuate our best features, mainly our gorgeous faces and breathtaking eyes (I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t have beautiful eyes!).

Jessica Simpson’s Aphrodite Attitude

Jessica's confidence and beauty shines through regardless of what the scale says, and THAT is an Aphrodite Attitude!

Jessica’s confidence and beauty shines through regardless of what the scale says, and THAT is an Aphrodite Attitude!

I remember back in 2004, I saw Maxim’s countdown of the “Maxim Hot 100” on VH1 and I loved that Jessica Simpson took the number one spot. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that makes me so drawn to her. Scratch that… I know EXACTLY why I love her so much, but I’ll let you see why:

She epitomizes the Essence of an Aphrodite Attitude, not because she’s blonde bombshell, but because she UNABASHEDLY LOVES who she is NOW!! She admits that’s she’s not always following her “diet” perfectly because she’s only human and she wants to enjoy her life.

An Aphrodite Attitude can and will have many faces; Jessica’s just so happens to be more focused on healthy eating habits and being happy and in love with herself, despite what a scale might say.

I want every woman to have the same confidence that Jessica has.