Aphrodite is an incredibly popular goddess because she loves herself COMPLETELY!

Aphrodite is an incredibly popular goddess because she loves herself COMPLETELY!

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with mythology, especially Greek and Jewish mythology. My favorite Jewish mythological creature is Lilith and my favorite Greek goddess is Aphrodite. Anyone who’s studied mythology knows that these characters have complicated personalities, so I want all women to adopt the best parts of both Lilith and Aphrodite.

In Jewish mythology, Lilith is Adam’s first wife. She was created from the same earth as Adam and she is known for being unapologetic about her independence and sexuality. She eschewed the thought of being subservient to Adam and refused to apologize for having an affair with an archangel, knowing that her refusal would mean banishment from the Garden of Eden.

Aphrodite is equally, if not more, brazen than Lilith about her sexuality. She is emboldened by the fact that she can make any man lust after her.

As women, we need to take a cue from Lilith and Aphrodite and start treating ourselves like the goddesses we ARE!! I call it the “Aphrodite Attitude” and this blog is dedicated to helping women develop and maintain that complex. I’ll examine the many different ways we can do that; no topic is off limits: nutrition, exercise, sex, skin care, makeup, fashion, etc.

My ultimate goal is to show women different ways I’ve learned to pamper myself in these areas and encourage them to pamper themselves every day. When we take the time to spoil ourselves (AND WE SHOULD!!!), every other aspect of our lives will start to balance itself out and we will be much happier!

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