I’ve been scared to try tofu… Is it best to marinate it beforehand?

Big Jew on a Diet

Tofun: n. Fun with tofu

So this week has been all about tofu – hear me out guys, it’s a wonderful ingredient. Half a cup of tofu contains only 100 calories, compared to about 350 calories for the same amount of ground beef – you do the math. That said, I’m pretty sure I ended up eating about 5x the amount of tofu than I would have if I was eating meat because it’s basically like eating air because it’s so damn delicious!

Here is a picture of my now famous tofun asian stir fry.


It looks like shit I know, but it was actually delicious. All you do is take extra-firm tofu, drain it for 10 minutes and add it to a stir fry 5 minutes before the vegetables are done cooking. Make sure to add water chestnuts for some calorie-free texture. Overall calories, depending on the sauce, is about…

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